Botane Skin Actives | Eye Gelee

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BOTANe skin actives is an entirely clean, science driven botanical skin care line hailing from South Africa.  Its founder, Rachel Nye, is a trained health practitioner in preventative and clinical medicine, and sought to develop an entirely clean, science driven botanical skin care line and, after three years of research and development, BOTANe was born.

With knowledge and practise of the body’s physiology, BOTANe is designed to complement the body’s own remarkable healing processes and Rachel has made it her professional quest to support sustainable research on plants for better skin heath.  She is also passionately against animal testing.

Every BOTANe product is chock full of freshly extracted botanicals, plant oils, amino acids, peptides and antioxidants and literally speaks to your skin.  The EYE GELEE is no exception.  An effective healing, hydrating concentrate that soothes tired, overworked eyes while reducing puffiness and dark circles.  Apply one drop and gently pat around each eye as it melts into your skin.  

Eye products that are too rich tend to make the skin on the eyelids look heavier so light but nourishing products are a better option.

If the skin around your eyes is an issue for you, then book in for a starter facial exercise lesson and learn how you can tighten the eyelids back up with a few simple exercises. 

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