Slim Cera

Slim Cera


Semi-precious stones are not just beautiful, but also carry a vibrational force known as millennia with different grinding stones. Mr Hirotoshi Hattori created a ceramic version, which contains over 10 different minerals, including tourmaline, thorium ore, moonstone, quartz, magnetite, zeolite, rutile and more.

All are known for their beneficial effects on the microorganism of the skin. Through their magnetism, they reorganize the different energy flows circulating in the skin, promoting balance. The Slim Cera device that is hand made in Japan also contains a pure germanium plate 99.999%. Germanium is a trace mineral found in ginseng, aloe, and garlic. On contact with the skin, it emits a heat, releasing negative ions thus stimulating blood circulation.

The diamond cut roller surfaces will push out and remove any build up of dirt leaving your pores clear and clean.

The roller head includes Tourmaline (found in bedrock bathing), quartz, and approximately ten different minerals, which will stimulate and leave your skin feeling smoother and more vibrant.

  • Roll three minutes each time, three times daily.
  • Use even in the shower or bath.
  • Effective after washing your face as well as before applying facial creams
  • Not an electrical appliance nor does it require the use of any liquids or gels. Just roll along your skin.
  • A gentle and pleasant roll is all that’s needed.


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