While we exercise our skeletal muscles, keeping them firm and healthy, our facial muscles are simply left to slacken. Many people are unaware of the structure of the face, not realising that we have any facial muscles at all, the focus being purely on rejuvenation of the skin. 


What appears as loose skin on the upper and lower eyelids, along the nose to mouth lines, the pouches, jowls and marionette lines beside our chin and neck, are all signs that the facial muscles have lost their tone and have begun to slide down our face. The skin, being the attached covering of the muscles, follows the muscle formation, whether the muscles are firm and lifted, or slack and drooping.  

The skin does not hold our face up - the muscles of our face support the skin.

Since a large part of our facial ageing is due to muscle elongation, the answer lies in shortening the muscles responsible with targeted resistance exercise. As the underlying facial muscles slowly firm and lift up, the covering skin, adapting to the underlying muscle foundation, also firms up and lifts.

Every tiny millimetre increase in the 'lifting upwards' of a muscle section creates a fresher, more defined appearance. Facial exercises will tone and shorten elongated facial muscles regardless if the face belongs to a 22 or 85 year old. In the same way as a bodybuilder sculpts the muscles of their body, you will have the ability to sculpt your face as much or as little as you wish, in the privacy of your own home.

It is a physical fact that resistance training builds muscle as well as bone density at any age. Besides slackening facial muscles, thinning facial bones play a key role in facial ageing. Past the age of thirty five, we lose bone mass every day of our lives. Age, processed food and lack of resistance exercise cause facial bones to dissolve and shrink, creating lost facial volume.  As the facial bone area decreases, the skin takes on a loose appearance.  During facial exercise, the action of the muscles contracting and pulling on the bones, helps to preserve our facial bone density. As well as keeping the muscles and bones of our face naturally healthy, facial exercise helps to slow down the ageing appearance by increasing the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the skin, forcing the repair system into action, carrying away waste products from the cells and cleansing the skin from the inside. Nutrient rich blood and oxygen are essential for healthy, firm, glowing skin.  

Healthy, firm, glowing skin is an indication of our inner health and wellbeing.  It is our calling card.

Promises are made everyday about the different ways to achieve facial rejuvenation, few are translated into reality. Facial exercise works. The more our features are maintained by the proper exercise and development of the muscles, the less dependent we become on artificial methods.  After just a few weeks you will begin to feel a definite improvement in your muscle tone. Once the advanced lessons are reached, you will begin to see your face gradually lifting. Your upper cheeks will become lifted and plumper.  Any folds on your upper and lower eyelids will decrease. The corners of your mouth will become firmer and any lines on your upper lip will be reduced. Your chin, neck and jaw line will firm up, with jowls and marionette lines lessening and eventually disappearing.

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