Based on the South Coast of England, The Facial Exercise Studio is an online Health & Beauty Boutique, dedicated to clean, high performance skincare, beauty supplements and niche skincare tools to complement your at home Facial Fitness routine.

Founded by Amanda in 2011, having completed her training in Facial Fitness with Eva Fraser.

"As I reached my fifties, I was increasingly concerned to realise that although I had healthy skin, my actual face was beginning to sag. Remembering an article I had read about Eva Fraser, and her facial exercise programme, I made an appointment to find out how her programme could help me."

Eva Fraser (born in 1928) is the international expert in Facial Fitness, having numerous best selling books, videos and DVDs. The Facial Workout book has been translated into eight languages and has won Eva recognition and acclaim worldwide. Through Eva's pioneering efforts, facial exercises are now established and approved by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and the medical profession in general. 

"...when the facial muscles sag, the skin attached to them sags too. In fact the slackening of the facial muscles is one of the main causes of the sagging and drooping that most of us eventually experience leading to bags under the eyes, loose folds of skin on the upper eyelids, pouches, jowls, turkey necks.... Need I go on? If the body were as neglected as so many faces appear to be, some of us would have muscles so wasted away that we would barely be able to walk."  

Some advice slips by, and some stops you in your tracks. Understanding how to lift and firm my face, purely through exercise techniques, did this for me and I was fortunate to be trained by Eva Fraser personally in the art of teaching her method of Facial Fitness.

On completion of my training, I became a Licensed Practitioner and founded The Facial Exercise Studio, creating a private, relaxed environment in which I could pass on these unique facelifting techniques.

Having always been a skincare enthusiast, I wanted to move away from products that contained potentially harmful ingredients and combine the benefits of facial exercise with clean, healthy skin care, sourcing independent botanical skin care brands that represented the most effective and advanced botanical skincare technology available without any animal testing or animal derivatives.

Botanicals are unique due to the wealth of phytoactives they contain and the synergistic way in which all of these elements work together with our skin.  If you are serious about skincare, then these independent skincare ranges are perfect. What we apply to our skin becomes absorbed by our bloodstream, therefore our skincare choices should be as important as what we eat.

Each brand is set apart by their own unique story, created with thought, effort and a focus on healing and caring for both our skin and the environment. To become an independent brand takes great dedication, and I am very proud to be part of their story, as much as I am to be part of Eva Fraser's, who has inspired people from all over the world to achieve a feeling of wellbeing and confidence through her programme of facial exercises.

Our focus should be on healthy skin rather than anti ageing.  Besides facial exercise and nourishing, natural skin care, I am passionate about nutritional supplementation. Healthy skin is built internally by our body. Poor internal health reflects through our skin. Giving our body a helping hand through targeted nutritional supplementation can offer a daily guaranteed amount of the key hair, skin and nail nourishing nutrients.

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